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My lovely Uncle Jack from Invercargill printed off the below for our "Latest News"

           Put The Elderly in Prison

       "We should put the elderly in prisons because

                   they will get a shower every day

              video surveillance in case of problems,

               three meals a day, access to a library,

                computer, TV., gym, doctors on-site

                    and free medication if needed

                    Put criminals in nursing homes

                       and they will get

                       cold meals, lights off at 7pm,

             two showers a week, live in a smaller room

                    and pay rent at $4000 a month!!!

     It's pretty sad we treat prisoners better that the elderly"

Benefits of Home Care for Elderly

by Shannon Wakeland (eHow contributer)

It is not an easy task caring for the elderly, especially if you are trying to do it alone. There comes a time when you will need a break or just some time alone by yourself. With the constant worry that something may go wrong, the respites and personal time become non-existent

Home care for the elderly is an option for care givers who need extra help while offering the elderly a good quality of life for the rest of their  years

One-on-One Care

Nursing homes can be helpful however home care offers care on a more personal level. One-on-one care can benefit the elderly by offering hope and happiness.Most elderly people strive for company and conversation which is what home care can offer them. A home care giver will spend more time with them, offering care to match the needs of the elderly person. Instead of having to wait their turn to receive a meal, to be exercised or supervised during a daily activity, a home carer is readily available.

Nutrition and Exercise

Nutrition is very important, especially in the elderly. A home care giver can make the time to produce healthy and nutritional meals as well as keeping a close eye on the amount of food eaten by the elderly person. A daily exercise program can be implemented and followed through. Home care also has the benefit of someone always being around, especially if the elderly person is out walking, becomes winded and faces the potential of falling and possibly breaking a bone.


Home care offers transportation to the elderly. The care giver can take the person to and from the various appointments they may have. This benefits the family greatly by not worrying them over whom will take the person and where they need to go. Some elderly people rely on public transportation which can be risky for those who suffer from physical disabilities, dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Home care ensures the safety of the elderly when moving from one place to another


Nursing homes can drain a person's pocketbook in a very short time. Although home care costs can add up, it is usually cheaper than paying for a nursing home or even assisted living. More than likely the person paying for the expense of home care will feel better about the money spent, as the care is more personalized and the quality of life is far beyond what it could be in a nursing home

Sunday Star Times - 27 May 2014

In the recent "Caring Counts" inquiry, the National Council of Women

told the inquiry it was impossible to value how important it was for a

person to stay in their own home.

             "Their dignity and self worth, being able to contribute to the community

                 - these activities are impossible to accomplish in an institution"

August 2014

Your Saving Grace has now been operating for over nine months. We are all enjoying the wonderful people and their families that we are meeting. As you will see by our testimonials below our services are consistently receiving excellent feedback.

Our New Team Members

Kathy MacKenzie

Kathy is from Marlborough where she spent over forty years working as a registered nurse after completing her nursing training at Wairau Hospital. She has recently moved to the Wakatipu to be closer to family and to semi-retire.

Jenny Allan

Jenny has lived in the area for over 20 years. She trained as a nurse in Dunedin, worked for eight years then traveled around  the world skiing and nursing. More recently she has trained as a Massage Therapist.

Ann Henry

Now living in Arrowtown Ann originated from Otautau in Southland where she completed her nursing training. Over the last forty years she has also traveled extensively acquiring a variety of nursing skills. Later in her career she worked as a District Nurse

Overview Of Our First Nine Months

With elderly care we are finding we are a welcome addition to the care the government provides via organisations such as Access and Healthcare. We arrive after they have departed and provide any additional services required, including shopping, outings or may be accompanying to a Doctor or Specialists appointment. We have also been preparing many tasty meals and helping out with all those day to day chores that are not as easy as they once were. We like to have lots of laughs as well, as we all know laughter is the best medicine.

Our post-operative care has included clients recovering from knee and hip replacements. With our four main carers having many years of nursing experience we are able to offer the best care possible

We have provided respite care for many clients, including caring for dementia patients. This has enabled their main carers to have a well deserved break when needed and best of all they know the can call on us at any time for help.

Jude and Kathy have also provided the necessary care for paraplegics and tetraplegics enabling them to have a holiday in Queenstown and in one case, attend a conference. Healthcare/ACC NZ now acknowledge that we are their point of contact to facilitate this care in the Wakatipu area.


Below are testimonials sent to us by clients and/or their families,

Elderly Care

"YSG has superb staff who have an outstanding attitude to caring for the elderly and often go beyond the required level of service"

"Without question the YSG staff do whatever is required to make their clients feel secure and wanted. My mother regards them all as so special and puts them on a pedestal when talking about them to family and friends.The communication and reliability of YSG has been exemplary"

"The professional approach by YSG staff is evident in all they have done for Mum. They are also prepared to take on a level of responsibility for Mum's welfare that goes beyond normal expectations, something the family is very grateful for"

" Our family are eternally grateful for the care that, Your Saving Grace, provide to our aging family member. We employ Karen and her team of caring helper's frequently. They go well beyond their brief to make certain their client is well cared for and genuinely happy. The meals they cook are delicious!


"I had exceptional help after my operation, the smiles and services were certainly appreciated particularly help with my medication, all of which helped for a speedy and problem free recovery"


"The services provided by YSG over the last eight months have been reliable and of a high standard. The work loads vary from week to week but nothing is a bother or too much trouble. It is also never a problem to help out in the kitchen if needed. It is good to know they are accountable to an employer and paying tax at a personal and company level. I have no problem recommending YSG for their professional and standard of work ethics"





Our Launch Party 16th October 2013

La Rumbla Restaurant & Bar Arrowtown

Lex Perkins, Karen Soundy, Simon Hayes & Alexa Forbes



Abbeyfield Wakatipu Team


Peter Soundy, John Lapsley & Graham Paape


Alan Macalister, Fiona MacPherson, Alexa Forbes & Alison Beaumont


Gill Anderson, Karen Henry, Karen Soundy & Libby Lohmann


Rosie MacKay, Mary Stammers-Smith, Gill Paape & Barb Swan



 David & Mairi Speight & Simon Hayes


Sue McLeod, Jenny McLeod & Tsehai Tiffin




An extract from,  The News,  October 10, 2013

"A Word From, Niall Shepherd, Age Concern

Research from 2012 based on Cenus figures indicates nearly 50,000 older people in New Zealand

are severely and chronically lonely.  This equates to about 8% of our population 65 and over.


Loneliness is a proven risk factor for physical and mental health problems including heart disease,

dementia and depression.


While it may be true that rural areas have close knit communities, Age Concern Otago believes older

people in rural areas can be just as socially isolated as their city counterparts.Not all support agencies

are readily accessible in all rural communities and distance is always a challenge faced by individuals,

as well as those providing services.


 Your Saving Grace is the perfect solution


Media Release

To be distributed throughout Southland and Otago during the week commencing 7 October 2013


Launch Function

The official launch celebration for Your Saving Grace will take place on Wednesday 16 October 2013 in Arrowtown.

This occasion will be an opportunity to bring together associated industry professionals to meet with the Director,

Karen Soundy and her team.


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